Thursday, 22 November 2012

[SOLVED] MacBook Caps Lock delay (10.8 Mountain Lion)

There are some people in this world that don't like the fact that all Apple keyboards have a slight key delay to prevent you accidentally turning on Caps Lock.  Most of the solutions I found didn't work on Mountain Lion, or did work but were lost after a reboot or even sleep in some cases.

For those people, and you know who you are, here's a slightly convoluted solution that certainly seems to work on OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion), even after a reboot.

Third-party software required

You'll need to download and install the following two files first.  I've very kindly hosted them on my Dropbox for you, in case the original pages go down at any point.

Key Remap 4 MacBook and PC Keyboard Hack

When you've installed them both you'll need to reboot your Mac.


1) Go into System Preferences -> Keyboard, click on Modifier Keys… and change Caps Lock Key to No Action.

2) Repeat for each keyboard, then click on OK and Show All

3) Click on PC Keyboard Hack in the Other section at the bottom of System Preferences

4) Make sure the Setting pane looks like this, with Change Caps Lock checked and the keycode set to 110

5) Click on "Show All" at the top, then go into KeyRemap4MacBook, again located in the Other section

6) Scroll down till you find the entry that reads For PC Users

7) Click on the right arrow to show the contents and, inside this, open up Change PC Application Key and make sure the option that reads Application Key to CapsLock is checked, like this :-

8) Close preferences.  That was easy, right ?


Dresden said...

Will this work on 10.7 ??
I've not found anything that works.


Dresden said...

Hey, thanks for posting!

Does this work for 10.7 ???
I've not found anything that works after re-boot.

Martin Steven said...

Yeah should work for 10.7 but you've probably got 10.8 by now or tried it for yourself :-)